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The Skönsko

Born and tested in the elite halls of Olympic villages, this customizable movement solution can be retro-fitted to most every closed-in shoe. Be it to offload tricky sites of pain, to move in a better way or simply make yourself more comfortable, the Skönsko is simple, elegant and designed to work with the way you work.

It is the result of leaving bio-mechanical specialists and industrial designers alone for too long in a high-tech shoreditch play pen. The results are nothing short of spectacular or anything like you’ve ever felt before.

Every Skönsko order is rigorously assessed, designed and personally tailored to an individual’s needs, consistently employing the world’s most advanced and cutting edge technologies.

Pete Philly – Honesty from Pete Philly on Vimeo.


The Hemsko

One day while chilling in the garden, our bio-mechanical design guru stu realized that most of the foot and leg issues that we treat everyday with the Skönsko do not disappear when we get home. Poor movement is more often a part us. As we get home, take off our shoes and hit the shower or the beach comfort, poor movement and pain still need to be managed.

The Hemsko is the natural evolution of the Skönsko for these times. Ultimate support and comfort in a relaxed clothes. Hemsko is the missing link between poor movement and our highly valuable time to unwind.

Specifically designed footwear to be used in the home, garden or at the beach, the Hemsko is just like the Skönsko, but on holidays 😉


Where can I get them?

The Skönsko and Hemsko are available online or through one of our many authorized global resellers.
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