Education Services

Our Clients

  • University Programs
  • Medical Businesses
  • Manufacturing Businesses
  • Retail Businesses
  • Allied Health and Medical Professionals
  • Industrial Design Professionals
  • Undergraduate Students
  • Workshop Staff
  • Retail Prescribers

RG Commercial’s innovative education services will help you to increase your international business marketplace or find and train the perfect staff or practitioners to successfully deliver your cutting edge orthotic design and manufacturing projects.

RG Commercial has developed a comprehensive range of education services designed to promote the UK technical and vocational sector, build our members’ capability and enable them to successfully compete for commercially viable health and retail business opportunities.

What you’ll Learn

Introductory Courses

    • Introduction to Orthotic Therapy in Practice
    • Introduction to 3D Engineering in Practice
    • 3D Scanning in Practice


    • Principles of Biomechanical Analysis
    • Principles Prescription
    • Principals of 3D Photographic Capture
    • Principles of Health Business
    • Principles of Materials Engineering

    Advanced Streams

    • Medical Business Management Stream
    • Manufacturing Business Management Stream
    • Retail Business Management Stream
    • Design & Prescription Stream – Medical Devices
    • Design & Prescription Stream – Performance Sports Devices

The Different Learning Formats


    • Get your employees skilled up to let you explore the limitless technology that is 3D scanning and manufacture.
    • Learn how to use state of the art scanning technology and techniques to submit files to a global network of high tech manufacturers.
    • Understand the business mechanisms available to maximize both your business profits and health outcomes in one. Good business producing good health. Everyone wins.
    • Certification in 3D scanning for medical interventions and CADCAM orthotic prescription.


    Practical based workshops to take participants through cutting edge 3D printing, design process, materials engineering, biomedical assessments, software, prescription, information gathering and/or psychology of health.

    Sessions are designed to give participants the opportunity to hit the ground running with profit making positive health solutions.

    Continuing Professional Development

    Whether it’s to learn, to upgrade, to update or to refresh, our CPD programs bring education techniques, technology, medicine, health, human movement and business models together.

    Sessions are aimed at the busy professional and practitioner wanting to learn the benefits of investing their time and energy into value adding initiatives. We teach how to integrate the virtually limitless potential that the 3D technology can bring to business revenues and health outcomes.

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