Musculoskeletal Health and Wellness in the Workplace… a galaxy not so far far away as you would think…

When any of us, including me, start our careers… (me as a fresh faced business graduate with a great desire… and little less talent for sports), we never can imagine how high or where it will take us or how enlightened we become along the way.

As i sit in a rather comfy, very scandinavian swedish coffee shop on a snowy day, sipping on a long black, tailored to my liking with swedish made organic oatley milk… pondering the health benefits of coffee and how my dabblings in health and business management have landed me to what I do now.

A few olympic tours, snowboard trips and several successful startups later… in a world that I love, live and breathe, I now find myself with a great passion for my ability to design and implement win win situations.

From the pinnacle of sporting performance and human health, to the big data analysis and implementation of successful plans to winning teams, we can open doors to feeling good, performing at our best and of course making money.

It is here that I would like to share my thoughts and aid businesses large and small in the virgining field with incredible opportunities that is health, wellness and productivity in the workplace. Here we can all learn to enjoy the enormous win win situation of improving health of BOTH employees and the business bottom line.

Enjoy the discussion… and as always, feel free to book me up do have a good look at you workplace situation here.

Thanks for your time