Born in the elite world of Olympic sports, grown in the fertile tech hubs of London, RG Commercial produces consistent solutions to reliably exceed the expectations of clients. Enriching their business products, services and bottom line.

The parent to several allied health businesses servicing a global market, we provide consulting in healthcare design for productivity improvements and education of this to the workforce. We coordinate supply and manufacture of footwear solutions to reduce injury burden and improve long term health outcomes. From consultancy to toolbox talks and education, we help you plan, manage and improve workplace productivity and monitor MSK related injury patterns.

Based in London, available across the UK, Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Australia, we engage with over 20 specific industries and do all kinds of awesome things for the Austral-European allied health communities.


About Us

A team of highly skilled, like minded professionals from the manufacturing, retail, health and industrial design industries. We love getting things right, making people move well and simply being the best at what we do.

By combining design and good health, we aim to share our passion for good health into our design / education solutions. Good movement, good health, good food, good fun and good times for all.



Products & Services

Health & Productivity Consultants

Measuring, managing and minimizing the burden of preventable musculoskeletal injuries and lost productivity in the workplace

3D Design Education

Team education, workshops and continuing professional development

Workshop Construction

Sourcing cutting edge 3D orthotic
engineering for your business

3D Manufacturing Workflow Solutions

An elegant service for growing medical
device producers and prescribers


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